Jan 02

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The Newsweek Article on American Slobs

Great article (click here). I lived in Europe for 20 years, and it was embarrassing to see American tourists looking literally like slobs, compared to other tourists. It is offensive and shows a lack of respect for other cultures. It doesn’t take any more effort, or time, or money to look polished. I dream of the day when it is the goal once again of Americans to look classy.

I disagree that comfort is the most important consideration. You can be comfortable and also be chic, elegant and classy. I think the way Americans dress reflects laziness rather than a desire to be comfortable. Maybe that’s the reason productivity in the US is markedly down. We aren’t even in the top ten. Let’s hope Obama will inspire us. What do you think? Leave a comment.

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  1. Kenneth

    Very nice comment and thanks for sharing the article

  2. Kathleen

    I think that we reserve the right to look whatever way we choose, but we can’t predict what reactions we will get.
    For example, I love the idea of dressing ” for” a special event or a public appearance or a business or professional interaction. But since I work with young children, I don’t often wear the power looks that might be appropriate in a professional setting.And when I work outdoors in my garden, I certainly do not wear my best clothes.
    The ” sloppy” look in the US has more to do with the desire people have to believe that it is the person who is more important than the package. Consider the fact that when you are in the public eye, you HAVE to know you are being seen, possibly photographed, etc. Spending too much time on our package may say that we are our costume not our authentic selves. It helps to be able to see ourselves in our own mirrors and love ourselves before the clothes go on!

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