Oct 28

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They Knew You Were a Woman When They Hired You; Don’t Hesitate to Dress the Part


Katie, this outfit completely lacks imagination.  Were you running late to the studio?  If it happens again, no matter how pressed you are for time, please forgo help from the men’s wardrobe room.  Instead, perhaps smile politely and pull a vibrant scoop-necked shell, some makeup and a bold, commanding brooch from your tote.  Don’t carry those?  What do readers think?  Maybe we all should!  KatieWatch102309

Is this the same jacket?  Kudos, Katie, for pairing it with that beautiful berry-colored top.  What a difference it makes! In the photo above you look a bit dowdy; the shirt/jacket combo makes your shoulders look slumped.  You convey a much more authoritative and commanding presence in this vivid scoop-neck top. Here your earrings make more of a statement than the tiny hoops in the picture above, though chunky hoops or “door knockers,” paired with a bold pin, would serve you even better.  The lipstick may be the same in both photos but the berry-colored top makes it stand out more; it’s more flattering in photo #2.

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