Jun 30

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Seductive Smoky Eyes

Smoky eyes
(L) Classic Eyes (R) Smoky Eyes

“Smoky” eyes have been the rage for years, but very few people know how to execute them effectively. First of all, you mustn’t ever put a dark color on the lids, because it will obscure the eyelashes. Secondly, smoky eyes are usually done in an almond shape, so that the eyes have a subtle uplift that is like a smile. Mona Lisa, in fact, was probably the first “celebrity” to have smoky eyes. It isn’t her smile that seduces you, it’s her smoky eyes.

smokey eyes

This is not a smoky eye!

Many makeup artists think that lining the eyes with black and adding lots of dark eye shadow on the lids qualifies for smoky eyes. It doesn’t. Black eyeliner only makes the eyes look smaller, and too much dark eye shadow easily looks severe. This is the perfect red lipstick color, incidentally, so even though the eyes are not practical, think about wearing this color lipstick when you have smoky eyes and a great outfit on. Remember, red lipstick is meant for sophisticated, big city looks, not for jeans and a T-shirt – unless you have very dark hair and a sophisticated look in general.

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