Feb 01

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Those Devilish Details

When it comes to image, you get one thing wrong and that’s all they notice. When you get all those little details right, then they only notice YOU. It’s all about impact that is made in a matter of one or two seconds.

Juanita Before and After

Juanita arrived at the makeover workshop looking attractive, but she didn’t know about color. The brown jacket drabs her hair and her sweater is too close to her skin tone so there’s no contrast. New makeup and clothing colors give her a beautiful glow, and a little magic with Sandy’s flat iron turned her hair into a look that says “classy woman.”

The minute Juanita walked in the door of my studio, I knew I would get out my flat iron and tweak her hair. Juanita has lovely silver hair, but the cut was a little choppy. I suggested she let it grow out a little, so she has a long sweep of bangs on one side, a la Meryl Streep in “The Devil Wears Prada.”  In the meantime, I smoothed out her hair on both sides with my flat iron so it resembled Streep’s elegant look. Juanita loved it.

Next I changed her makeup from warm colors to cool ones. First, the foundation; I replaced the golden tones with cool coppery-pink tones. It smoothed her face enormously. I finished her look with a deep ruby lipstick and a raspberry-toned blusher.

To finish Juanita’s look, I added bold chunky earrings in silver to go with her hair. Gold accessories would be jarring with silver hair. Brown is also out of sync with silver hair, so when she wants to wear dark colors, brown is out and black and navy blue are in. Lastly, I added the fabric and feather pin to harmonize with her beautiful silvery hair, and also to correspond with her black pants.

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  1. Debbie Vogler

    Beautiful job Sandy! She looks much more alive :) Beautiful Lady!

  2. S Rachelle

    She was transformed from a typical grandma to an absolute beauty! Great job and a great looking lady!

  3. KD Ismail

    Hi Sandy,

    She looks great, but I just like to know is she actually cool or warm? Do you based your decision based on her cool silver hair or the skin tone? Hope you could enlighten me on this. Thanks!

  4. Sandy Dumont

    HI Kate,
    The only reliable basis for color analysis is the skin. Hair doesn’t get aging furrows; skin does. Your “baby blues” don’t get circles, the skin underneath them does. That’s what you look for in color analysis – to see how the skin changes (for better or for worse) when you change the colors placed next to them. Hair is secondary – you can make it look more beautiful with the colors within the color category that makes your SKIN look healthier, more luminescent, smoother, younger, etc.

    I have green eyes and a redhead’s complexion, thanks to my red-headed grandfather, whose mother was from Ireland. But I also have my mother’s cool dishwater blonde hair. I’m not a Spring and I’m not in the category sometimes called Summer (I call it Winter, and it’s where the color winter white is also) which has all those pastels.

    The model in the photo has cool skin, but she was wearing warm garments and foundation – as recommended by “experts” at the makeup counter.

  5. Sandy Dumont

    Hello KD,
    The only way to do accurate color analysis is with the skin – never the hair. Even though her silver hair is cool, her skin is sallow – which means it can look very yellow in warm garments – like the ones she was wearing. However, using my unique Testing Kit, I saw that her skin looked more luminous and smooth in cool colors. Naturally, her hair looks better, too!

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