Oct 28

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Victoria Beckham’s Latest Hairdo

Victoria Beckham’s many hair dont’s

Thankfully, Victoria Beckham has abandoned that stringy, unflattering hairdo which has been copied from coast to coast. Yes, it looks good from the back when the “stacked” cut is done well. But it always looks stringy from the front. And most of the copies I’ve seen were butchered in the back. I like her blonde “do” as it looks less stringy, but the color would be high maintenance. As of this week, Victoria has a short brown hairdo. She needs to let her bangs/fringe grow a bit so her pointy chin isn’t accentuated. Your comments?

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  1. Guest

    It’s all about personal style – Victoria Beckham never fails! I love her unique fabulousness 😉 lastly it’s all about how one carry herself with confidence from Self-Within which is vital.

    Keep writing ~ cool blog here…
    Many cheers!

  2. Helene K.

    My only thought is she’d do wonders if she smiled once in a while, instead of always looking as though she’s about to snarl.

  3. Jennifer Abernethy

    Hi Sandy,

    Love your newsletter. Okay..forget the hair..the only thing I “see” when I see a picture of Victoria Beckham is someone who looks miserable. She never smiles and looks andlike she is going to fall over because she is so frail and thin. As someone who helps folks with their “sales style”..I say a lot of our sales emit from within. (but yes..we all need a little Sandy Dumont in our lives as well.) And Smile people!!

    I raise my glass to your success. Keep up the good work Sandy!

    Jennifer Abernethy

  4. Sandy Dumont

    Hi Guest,
    Yes, it definitely is all about personal style, and Victoria Beckham is a class act. Her persona is one of sublime confidence, and that is what makes people copy her hairstyle, even when it’s not flattering!

    Sorry for delayed response – due to a technical glitch. Tune in again!

  5. Sandy Dumont

    Dear Helene,
    Victoria Beckham has taken the “stance” of looking slightly mean like all the top models. Let’s hope it passes soon!

    I’d also like to see those downturned eyebrows disappear, because they suggest disapproval in body language.

  6. Sandy Dumont

    Hi Jennifer,
    Glad you like the newsletter. As you’ll see from the comment above, Victoria is “victim” of a passing fad. Good posture and a beautiful smile don’t cost a thing, but they are worth a million, I’m sure you’ll agree!

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