Feb 01

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Wall Street Journal and “Business Casual”

Christina Binkley wrote a great article yesterday entitled “Law Without Suits: New Hires Flout Tradition.” She reports that young male and female lawyers generally abhor having to wear a suit. They prefer dressing for their own comfort. However, it was noted that legal associates who aren’t dressed properly may be left behind when headed for a court case or an important client meeting. A plum assignment was given to “a polished, profesional-looking associate” over a “brilliant” and experienced associate who ignored pleas to improve his appearance.

Fourteen pages of comments showed up on the WSJ law blog and “Kodiak” summed it up perfectly when he said he loved to wear nice suits because they feel like pajamas because of their light 100 plus fabrics. He concluded, “I typically wear my jacket all day. It is who I am.” 

When you put on a suit for a “special occasion” and haven’t worn one for six months, you will never have the presence and demeanor you would have if you habitually wore a suit. And the people you deal with wil know it. When you dress down, you send out the signal that you are a law student, a part time and, consequently, someone who will probably waste your time. If you feel good about who you are and what you do,  show the world WHO YOU ARE by dressing like a Go-Getter instead of a slouch or time waster!

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