Dec 09

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Can you see what’s wrong with this picture?

There are a lot of things wrong with this picture, but here’s the most serious error of all, and it has to do with focal point. The face must always remain the focal point, and something is wrong if we’re compelled to look down at your feet.

The woman on the left wears boots that look so dated and clumsy that they catch the eye. The woman on the right wears bright yellow shoes that don’t seem to belong to the rest of her outfit, so they also catch the eye and will command attention intermittently. Not a good idea if you’re engaged in serious communication or negotiations.

What else is wrong?

Look at the woman on the left and you’ll see that she wears no makeup, no accessories and has stringy, unprofessional hair. Her skirt is too long, so it makes her look dowdy, and her blouse is uninteresting and powerless. Additionally, boots often look cumbersome when worn with a skirted  business suit. Check your mirror to see whether or not your boots become the focal point or if your face does.

The woman on the right looks professional and dynamic, even though the outfit she’s wearing is literally “a dime a dozen.”  When that’s the case always set yourself apart from others by having great accessories – a brooch, bold earrings or a bold Omega necklace, for example. This woman’s hair looks very professional, and the woman on the left could take a cue from her and pull her hair back when she’s having a bad hair day or a bad cut. Black classic pumps would be better than the yellow ones.

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  1. Sheila Cox

    Always love your blog!

    Looks like this one didn’t get proofread. I don’t this you mean “Check your mirror to see whether or not your boots become the focal or point or if your race does.”

    I also don’t think you mean “The woman on the left look professional and dynamic.”

  2. Sandy Dumont

    Sheila, you’re right. I meant “face” not “race.”

  3. Sandy Dumont

    Sheila, just changed the typos you pointed out from woman on the left to “woman on the right.” Also, it should be “face” and not “race.” Thanks so much.

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