Sep 22

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What do You Think of My Title?

The title of my new book (due for publication early to mid-2009) is “Powerful Women Don’t Wear Pink”. What do you think? What is your first impression? Would you want to pick it up to see what it’s all about?

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  1. Kathleen

    I think your book should not have a negative word on the cover. The word “Don’t’ sounds preachy and judgemental. There is a better way to say what you mean.
    I would not pick up a book with ” Don’t” on the cover. It sounds like a parent scolding a child.

  2. Deborah Charity

    Hi Sandy,
    The title is too predictable, and sounds as if you’re following someone else’s lead.

    You are at the top of the Image game: Please stay there – even with your book title choice.

    Warm Regards,

  3. Sandy Dumont

    Thanks for your feedback. I’ll definitely take it into consideration,

  4. Sandy Dumont

    Thanks, Karen, for your feedback. The title will ultimately be up to the publisher.

  5. Jonna

    Hi Sandy,

    The title is catchy, but sounds dated. I would pick up a book with this title and flip through it, but not buy it. I love to wear pink. It just has to be a flattering shade of pink. My 2 cents…


  6. Linda

    I agree with Jonna. My first thought was “it sounds like something written for the 1950’s or 60’s woman.” It would be difficult for me to comment further without knowing the target audience for the book or the message you want to communicate. As a senior corporate woman, the title would not appeal to me. I hope that helps.

    Wishing you great success with the book!

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