Apr 11

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What to wear to the Prom?

An as image consultant, color is the cornerstone of my business. You can have a designer dress in the wrong color and won’t look as pretty as you would in a $20 dress in your best color.

Sociobiologists tell us that every decision we make is related to prehistoric survival instincts. It’s in our DNA to choose colors that let us blend in with our environment and our superficial appearance.

That means that we wear colors that match our hair and eye color very often; and we choose bright colors like spring green, lemon yellow and coral in the spring; and we wear the colors of an autumn landscape every fall. In the summer we wear swimming pool blue, sky blue, rose red, emerald green and pure white. Winter is a time of greyness so we opt for winter white, slate blue and mauve in wintertime.

Thirty years research into color has shown that more people look better in cool colors than in warm ones. This means you’ll probably look better in fuchsia than orange; in emerald green rather than lime or spring green; and black rather than brown. Other wonderful cool colors are purple, violet, magenta, fuchsia, ruby red, true red (not orange red), royal blue, peacock blue, navy blue and white.

Makeup colors also come in warm and cool tones. It’s very likely that you’ll look better in a soft orchid or pink lipstick than a brown-toned warm lipstick. Lipstick will make your prom gown look even more special. Look for blushers in soft pink shades. Blushers give you a healthy glow.

When it comes to style, here are a few pointers:

  1. If you are short, avoid mid-calf lengths. They will make you look shorter. A sheath style dress in a solid color will make you look the tallest.
  2. If you are tall, you will look shorter with one color on top and another color on the bottom. Avoid sheath-style gowns; the long straight line will make you look taller. A long full skirt will enable you to wear flats or low heels that won’t be noticed.
  3. To look thinner as well as taller, wear one solid color from head to toe. This visually elongates your body.
  4. Large patterns will make you look larger. Solids are more sophisticated.
  5. A square neckline will accentuate your collarbones, so avoid this neckline if

    your collarbones protrude.

  6. If your chin is slightly pointed, avoid V-shape necklines. Round necklines are


  7. If your face is very round, avoid round necklines. V-shapes are good.
  1. If you have a large midriff, consider wearing black silky or satiny pants and top; and wear a brightly-colored glamorous top that is left unbuttoned atop your black “ensemble.”
  2. If you have a too-generous bosom, don’t opt for a strapless gown. It’s better to choose a sleeveless gown with a V-neckline. The angular line of the neckline will make your bosom look less full.

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