Sep 08

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What’s Wrong with this Picture?

How many image errors can you spot?

How many image mistakes can you find in this photo that might suggest the person is not a true business professional? Test your I.Q. (Image Quotient) against that of the Image Architect. If you find four image mistakes, you are average; seven errors and you are good; nine mistakes and you are very good; ten image faux pas and you are close to a pro. If you find all 11 errors, you are probably an image consultant.

(1) The man on the left has trousers that are too long. (2) His purple shirt is too dark to be a business shirt; it is a sport shirt. (3) The sleeves of a shirt should extend ½” (1 cm) longer than the jacket sleeve; so his shirt sleeves are too short. (4)The woman in the center has no accessories; she needs earrings at the very least. (5) The object she is carrying is too masculine and clumsy looking for a petite woman; if it is a briefcase, it is too narrow. (6) Her posture is awkward; women should never stand (especially for a photo) with their legs spread apart. (7) Orange stockings are not businesslike. (8) Her shoes are dated and clumsy looking. (9) The man on the right looks fairly professional, (9) but his tie is too blah and doesn’t make enough contrast with his suit. (10) His trousers are a bit long, because they break a little too much. (11) Lastly, both men have their jackets unbuttoned. When a gentlemen stands, he should button his jacket. He unbuttons it when seated.

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  1. Debra

    I got everyone of them, Sandy. Maybe I should consider a career change. LOL!

  2. Sandy Dumont

    I’m not surprised – you and Robert both have a very sharp eye I’ve noticed.

  3. Thea

    I see #12 – the light grey document folder looks like it belongs in the file drawer back at the office.

  4. Helene

    Sandy, I also thought the tie on the gentleman on the right was too short — your thoughts?

  5. Sandy Dumont

    Good catch, Helene. It’s a little difficult to see with the shadows, but he’s either very high-waisted or, as you point out, his tie is too short. The tip of his tie should come just to the middle of his belt buckle.

  6. Sandy Dumont

    Good observation! I would agree.

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