Aug 07

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Which Makeup Looks More Natural?

Blue eye shadow or smoky eye? Which is better?

Natural Makeup is Totally Misunderstood

The combination of pale lips and soft blue eyeshadow is seen often on young women, but also on women past thirty. It is thought to look natural. It is anything but natural.

The lips of newborn babies are not “icy pink” – they are a delicate shade of orchid. If you look closely at Old Masters paintings, including those of biblical figures, you’ll see beautiful orchid-toned lips. You won’t see blue eyeshadow, you’ll see brown-toned “smoky eyes” similar to those in the photo to the right.

The makeup of the woman on the right is definitely “high fashion” -especially the lipstick – and would look severe on a woman as young as that in the photo to the left. However, if the lipstick is toned down to a soft fuchsia, it would look quite natural in any Big City office.

On the other hand, the eye shadow of the woman on the left has a fatal flaw. There is a strong line of demarcation, so we are looking at blue “wings” at the corners of her eyes, which is a huge distraction.

The other woman’s eyeshadow is deftly “smudged” so there is no line of demarcation. It is worthy of an Old Master.

Now look at the paintings by Old Masters of the women below. They wear no colorful eyeshadow, only brown tones to make the eyes look deep set and irresistible.

Each woman has natural-looking pink lips, just like the babies pictured below the three women.

Natural eye makeup does not include blue or blue-green

Brown lipstick vs. fuchsia or  orchid lipstick

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