Oct 07

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Which Team Would You Choose to Work on Your Upcoming Project?

Business group 1 Business Group 2

You may say that your image doesn’t matter; that your credentials are the most important thing. However, in these difficult financial times, your clients want to know that you will go the extra mile for them. They can’t waste money or time now. Choose the team that you prefer and see what The Image Architect has to say about these six people.

In the photo left, two of the people are wearing grey suits. The woman in the middle, in particular, looks washed out and pale. This color doesn’t suit her; however, with a brighter lipstick and powerful accessories, she would look less washed out. Lastly, her hair looks too stringy and unkempt. The man’s grey suit is just barely saved by the dynamic red tie; however, his pale grey suit conveys low power and credibility. Grey is literally “born” negative. “Old & grey”, “sad & grey”, “tired & grey” often come to mind; not to mention a “grey area” or a “grey lie” – neither of which is positive. Darker shades of grey are more powerful and more effective. The woman on the right has many distractions, including her pale legs which demand attention, and her chunky shoes which make her feet look large and clumsy. Her knees are locked, indicating rigidity, and her hair is not bad, but she would look more professional with lipstick and accessories.

The people in the photo on the right look far more dynamic. They wear darker colors; and the darker the color the higher the authority. The two women would look a little better with lipstick; however, the clothing worn next to their faces (particularly the blue blouse) prevent them from looking washed out. The woman on the right wears a very effective Omega necklace. Both women would look even more dynamic with earrings that make a statement. The man looks very professional. The color of his tie is fine, because it is not a pale baby pink. However, his suit, shirt and tie are all in solid colors. A man needs to have a pattern in at least one of these three items; and his tie would look more powerful and professional with navy blue stripes, for example.


Look at the two photos above and point out as many errors as you can find.  Entrants who catch all the errors are eligible to be entered in a random drawing on October 21.  The winning name that is drawn will receive a silk tie or pair of sterling silver earrings – reader’s choice!

Good luck!

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  1. Jenny Feller

    Left photo:

    Man’s shoes are not shined and polished. Bright red tie is not a good choice. The pan hem is too short and wrinkled. He would be better in a darker suit and striped navy tie.
    Middle woman needs a flattering color near her face for a “pop” and a darker color suit (black or darker grey would be nicer). Good earrings and necklace. Her hairstyle should be trimmed and styled for her face shape and hair type. Pants need to be hemmed. Her jacket sleeves are too short and the blazer should be taken in at the waist.
    Other woman needs darker hose and more polished pointed shoes. Her’s look clunky and unkept. The jacket hangs on her and needs to be tailored. Her skirt should be at the knee (too short) and needs to improve her posture.
    Picture on right:
    Shorten woman’s sleeves (left); they look too long. Give the ladies better jewelry (earrings, bracelet) although I like the necklace of the lady on the right. More makeup for each to compliment their face and look better. Shorten man’s pants. Give him a patterned tie to offset his solid suit. I prefer a striped tie, in this case.
    Lady on the right would look better in a shirt with a little pattern in it to offset her suit. Even a white shirt with detail would perk her up.

  2. Lori Anger


    I love looking at your website. It keeps me sharp. I know you could pick out the errors between the two photos in no time flat. My first thought was of body language. Grey group is totally somber and closed off. Black group is all smiles with open body language, much more appoachable. A smile is the biggest asset anyone can have when working with a client. Also I would like to see a close up of the faces. You work on clothes and accessories. I fine tune faces. Skin care, injectables, or even cosmetic surgery can take years off a person’s age appearance. Sometimes something as easy as botox injections can transform a person’s face from hard to soft. Amazing results! It does not have to look artificial. That is not the goal at all. It can look very natural.
    Just a few thoughts from the cosmetic surgeon’s office. I look forward to seeing the “new” look in your website. I admire that you are constantly improving your own look. You are inspiration for us all.


    Lori Anger
    Patient Coordinator
    Accent Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
    607 Garfield St.
    Tupelo, MS 38801

  3. Shirleydeyoe

    Picture on left:
    Body posture, hands clasped in front, a little rigid compared to open hands

    Blond in center, pant legs too long
    outfit could use a little color near face

    Man has square-toed shoes..a little dated??

    I can’t see the pictures well enough to comment on earings

  4. Gigi

    In addition to the above comments, I know Sandy does not recommend men wearing baby pink ties, like the man in the dark suit on the right. He should wear a bright clear color tie(magenta or other color choices Sandy offers). Also, the women in the darker suits look very good, but buisness skirts have more “authority” than pants, so I’d say wearing dark, knee length skirts would be great. Also, the woman in the dark suit with very short hair and glasses looks good, but probably should grow her hair out a bit, maybe more like Sandy’s hair. What’s up with her collar? It looks terrible bunched together! She also needs an omega necklace or pin and all the women need those larger “door knocker” type earrings for oomph! Is the women in the suit on the right even wearing nylons? She should if she isn’t!!! She is wearing what Sandy say’s is “daddy’s jacket” and that’s a no no! What ill fitting pants the woman in the gray suit is wearing! Her jacket is almost that “daddy jacket” maybe it just looks that way because it’s too big on her. All of the women need fuchsia lipstick, too!

  5. Sandy Dumont

    Dear Lori,

    Thank you so much for your feedback. I’m happy you enjoy my blog, and I’m sure that if any folks out there live in Mississippi they’ll contact you. Thanks for letting us know about your work.

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