Sep 04

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Who Looks Good in a Grey Suit?

Color and style of businessmen analyzed

Men in Grey

Grey is a popular suit color for businessmen. One reason is because it is neutral. Another is that It’s not intimidating, like black can sometimes be. It’s also not as formal as navy blue, so it’s thought of as a good everyday suit color.

Nearly every man has a grey suit. But should he? Which man do you think looks best in grey?  Should you wear grey? Perhaps not if you have grey hair and a closet full of grey ties!

None of the men look terrible in grey. However, all in all it’s a very blah looking group. Grey is a safe color.  Think of a grey area, a grey lie. It isn’t all that bad; however, it isn’t all that good. The truth is, grey is a wishy washy color. It doesn’t make a statement of its own. It needs help to do so.

All three men would look better in power ties that made a decent contrast with their suit and shirt. None do. These men have broken the cardinal rule that says the tie must dominate.

A good color choice for the young man on the left would be a deep, purple-tinged shade of magenta. Think deep raspberry. It’s a newer color than the traditional red power tie.

A classic power tie in deep red would be perfect for the man in the center.  However, with grey hair, he would look more distinguished and younger in either navy blue or black. His overall greyness emphasizes his grey hair too much. In a dark suit, it would suggest “worldly and experienced” instead.

The man to the far right might consider a tie in either a true red or a red-violet one. He is the only one with his shirt sleeve at the proper length. The other men have shirts that are too short. A gentlemen’s shirt should extend from his suit jacket one-half inch.

Lastly, all three men look very buttoned up. They would look more friendly and open with two-button suits.


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  1. DH

    What about charcoal gray?

  2. Sandy Dumont

    Dark charcoal grey is closer to black in “color psychology.” It’s a much stronger color, in other words. Ordinary grey needs help in order to make a statement.

  3. John Slloan

    I have a very nice petrol grey two-button suit, which I wear with a crisp white shirt and a wonderfully subtle turquoise blue tie (purchased from Harrods). The combination really works as it conveys power and gravitas with the tie adding an element of creativity!

  4. Sandy Dumont

    John, I approve your choice of a turquoise tie with grey. And if it came from Harrods, it must be very elegant!
    Other great colors for a grey suit are magenta, plum or raspberry.

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