Jan 12

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Worst Dressed of 2008

In October 2008 a lot of women breathed a sigh of relief to learn that Mr. Blackwell won’t be handing out his “award” for the worst dressed women any more. Sadly, it’s due to his recent demise.  

Amy Winehouse, as seen in the New York Daily News Article, (Click here) definitely takes the cake for 2008’s worst dressed award!  This is a woman who knows how to ruin even a potentially good dress. Dare I think out loud “does she possibly do it on purpose?”


For each month in 2009, I will take up the challenge and bring you the “worst dressed” woman of the month. My hope is that not only will my loyal readers avoid some of the more disastrous trends out there, but that maybe I can set the record straight on the confusion out there in the world of fashion. Being “in style” and being stylish are two entirely different things.

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