Mar 06

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HAIR: Curly, wavy or straight?

  1. Photos: curly and straight hair

    Curly Hair vs. Straight Haior

    Celebrities on the Hollywood red carpet usually go for glamorous waves or lots of curls.

    Psychologically, massive waves or curls can suggest high-maintenance. Curls are also fluffy and scattered, so it can imply subliminally the same about you.

    Straight hair, on the other hand, suggests you get straight to the point and are not complicated. This look is better suited for power looks in the boardroom or elsewhere.

    Nevertheless, hair that’s as long as Jennifer Lopez’s hair (far right) tends to be perceived as a more casual look. Ultra long hair that is straight is also thought of as teenage hair most often.

    Hair that is naturally curly needs a precision cut ┬áin order to look polished an professional. Then it’s on a par with straight hair.

    Based on hair, which woman would you want to:

    1. Represent you in court
    2. Decorate your home
    3. Manage your wealth investments

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  1. Flo Lawshe

    Do you also consult for Black people, because I don’t see any reference to trendy naturally tight curl patterns that work in the boardroom, the courtroom and everywhere?

  2. Sandy Dumont

    Flo, yes I do consult with black people. If you send me an email, I’ll send you photos of great styles for curly hair.

  3. E

    I have naturally curly/wavy hair and I don’t like to spend a lot of time on it, so I go natural. I have to keep it a bit longer or long layered in order to keep the curls from taking over, plus I am restricted on what hair products I can use as I am chemically senstive and can’t handle all the perfumes they put in everything these days. I have had the same kind of hair style for years and years! I am wanting to change but just can’t make myself do it. :)

  4. Marguerite Inscoe

    This article does a great point of demonstrating how important styling is for business women. Ironically I am getting my hair cut tomorrow, and it’s definitely going shorter. Thanks Sandy for such timely advice!

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