3 Recruitment Trends You Must Know

HR solutions written in a piece of paperHow was your 2017 in recruitment so far? Have you been struggling day in, day out with your hiring quotas? There is no secret that the outcomes in politics, technology, and in the economy had a great effect in the recruiting business. It results in having a tough labour market. Eventually, having many HR professionals has difficulties in filling open positions.

Let’s not cause panic in HR. When problems arise in your recruitment in Kent, study rising trends. It can help you turn your situation around:

Use Social Media

You may think that hiring with the use of social media is not ideal. With an enormous pool of people, you might think this is not an efficient way to find someone qualified. Social media, however, helps us target and limit the pool where we source our applicants. When done properly, it helps recruiters target potential applicants’ interests and locations.

Focus on Candidate Experience

Providing a pleasing and relevant candidate experience affects employee retention. Recruitment teams should focus on designing a candidate experience that accurately and positively represents their office culture. The ultimate goal should be to engage with your applicants in a way that they would want to work with you and join your team.

Make Your Companies Stand Out

Companies with great ads and wider visibility attract more applicants. Applicants also look for companies that would be good for their resume. To turn this into an advantage, make sure to optimise your website. Invest in digital marketing. Read and evaluate your reviews on professional social media channels such as LinkedIn or Glassdoor. Improve your brand.

There are always more strategies to discuss when it comes to recruitment and how to get the best workers and the ones that will stay.