3 Signs That You’re a Certified Stationery Addict

There is always beauty found in the crisp of a sheet of paper, the sound of scribbling pen, and in the steel of a newly opened notebook. All these things excite a stationery aficionado. For people under this team, collecting pieces of paper, Post-its, fountain pens, and novelty notebooks is a glorious avocation.

While there is no official term that embodies or defines a stationery addict, one thing is for sure — collecting items like these make people happy. If you think that you are a stationery addict, you might want to crosscheck your traits with the ones below.

You are a bookstore mainstay

While people go to the bookstore to buy books, you take refuge in this place because they have bundles and rims of paper and notebooks waiting to be taken home. The staff at the stationery section of the bookstore already knows your name, and you won’t leave the premises without getting a stationery-related item — even if it is just a pen.

You keep anything that is paper

Your friends and co-workers may think that it is one habit of yours to collect Post-its and notebooks from company events you have been to. You even keep souvenir pens and customised stationery from every store you see here in Australia. For you, attending events and trade shows is an opportunity to broaden your collection.

You have a separate shelf for your collection

You have a growing collection, and you are probably measuring how high the stack is day by day. And to keep them safe, you get yourself a separate shelf for them. The exclusive ones and collectibles remain in mint condition, and your refuse your mom’s plead to let go some of your collection or give them as a gift.

Is your obsession described accurately here? Do not worry because you are not alone. There are surely many stationery aficionados who will surely agree with this.