3 Tactics to Improve Your Home’s Ventilation System

Some homeowners wonder whether it’s really worth the expense to invest in good ventilation for their homes. But a quick research will show you the immense importance of having proper ventilation in your home. You want high-quality indoor air, protection from destructive mold, and so on. So how can you boost the airflow in your whole house?

Fix the soffit and fascia

While the soffit and fascia play a central role in a house’s ventilation system, many homeowners seem to neglect them when conducting maintenance tasks. Perhaps that’s because the attic, which is rarely used in most homes, is the primary beneficiary of the soffit and fascia. But if you dedicate some of your time to inspect and repair them every year, you’ll end up with both an attractive looking house and a well-ventilated attic, stresses Warburton’s Inc.

Open your windows more frequently

This is really a no-brainer, yet is often ignored by many households. Some people would rather keep their windows closed to shut out noise, dust, insects, smoke, and burglars. But if you can open your windows a few times every day, you will allow fresh cool air to flood your house, eliminating the need for your ceiling fan and AC, even if only for a while.

Cover the area surrounding your home

A lot of the hot air that enters the house comes from the surrounding grounds and pavements. A simple solution to this problem is by simply covering the area with a heat-absorbing material. Planting grass in such areas can help things too. The idea is to direct as much cool air into the house as possible.

A well-ventilated home is a joy to live in, especially during the summer when temperatures are high. With some effort and creativity, you can greatly boost your home’s ventilation system without needing to spend a fortune.