4 Tips to Effectively Pursue Entrepreneurship with a Full-time Job

a person who organizes and operates a businessIf you have a full-time job and are planning to moonlight as an entrepreneur, know that juggling the two is going to be a serious challenge. However, most of the time, you don’t have an option. You’ve probably heard many successful entrepreneurs who warned aspiring ones to not quit their jobs just yet — and they may or may not be right. Here are some tips to help you survive:

Use productivity tools to maximise your time

Your days will seem much shorter managing both, so you need to make the most of your time. You might say that making lists or using planners isn’t really your thing. However, with the number of tasks you need to accomplish, productivity tools will help put structure into your days.

Consider outsourcing

Brandon Turner, a VIP Contributor of Entrepreneur, has a very important rule: To focus on tasks that only you can do and let other people do the rest. If you’re not comfortable allowing other people to take over some areas of your business, at least start with administrative tasks since they will eat up so much of your time.

Find the right mix

You cannot have an equally demanding full-time job and business. One will eventually suffer. If you want to focus more on your business, get a job that will not ask you to work beyond the usual 8-to-5. However, if you’re still keen on keeping your full-time job for a long while, consider a business that will not require you to be too hands-on just like a coworking franchise. A franchise is the safer route and with the increasing gig economy, the potential of this business is high.

Seek support

It’s important that you have a strong support system. Discuss with your friends and family how important this endeavour is for you. Forbes contributor Caroline Ceniza-Levine also suggests joining an entrepreneurs club to get advice from people who are going through the same challenges.

It’s going to be a long and bumpy ride. But with the right kind of attitude and a positive mindset, the rewards could surpass the risks. Just always keep in mind your purpose and your end goal.