A Dentist’s Dilemma: How to Make Patients Enjoy Visiting You

Have you ever seen a dog wag his tail because he knows he is going to the vet? Probably not. Most pets hate going to the vet even when their owners are bringing them there for their own good.

That is the same as going to the dentist. Most of us dread visiting our dentist even when it is for the well-being of our teeth and gums, all because it is not a nice thought having someone scrape and drill our teeth.

So like it or not, as a dentist, it is your job to make every experience with your patients as wonderful as possible. To do that, here are a few tips you might want to implement in your clinic.

Talk to your patients

One of the reasons patients tend to see clinics or hospitals in a negative light is they are at their most vulnerable state. Some dentists or physicians who tend to them do not take that into consideration. Instead of trying to allay their fears, some dentists just pretend that it is another day at the office. This makes some people uncomfortable because they think that in their most vulnerable state, the people who are supposed to take care of them are too cold and distant.

So instead of doing that, try to engage with your patients more and know more about them. Before you proceed with inspecting their teeth, why don’t you spend a few minutes chatting with your patients?

Even a short conversation can ease anxious people and help them be more comfortable with you. It can even make the whole experience better for them. If they feel safe with you, then the next time they are due for a visit to your clinic, they will not feel so anxious anymore.

Be open and honest

root canal

A root canal can be painful even when the dentist has given the patient some anaesthesia to numb the nerve cells in the mouth. But not being prepared for the pain will only exacerbate the pain.

Dentists need to be honest with their patients and inform them beforehand if the procedure they will do is going to be painful or not. It can help the patient to be prepared for the incoming pain, which oftentimes is not that severe since the anaesthesia will effectively dull their nerve endings.

Spruce up your clinic

This tip is to cater to the psyche of your patients because if you have a clinic that looks pretty and has warm colours, your patients’ subconscious will think that your clinic is a safe place to be in. If they think that your clinic is safe, then even if they hear you drill the patient before them, they will still think that nothing too painful can happen to them in your clinic.

Besides, having a facility that looks more like a cosy coffee shop or a swanky salon will help your patients find it easier to visit your clinic more often. Aside from upgrading your dental supplies, why don’t you also allot some of your money to finance some remodelling in your clinic to make it more appealing to your patients?