Alabama Oak Trees: How to Care for Them

The oak can refer to a tree or a shrub that belongs to the Beech family and is common in Alabama. As a flowering plant, it bears acorns. But for those in the state, it has a more significant commercial value. It is often used as hardwood and as barrels for aging wine.

These types of trees can also help improve retail sales. They can provide shade or become a focal point for an al fresco dining and other forms of outdoor entertainment. More studies have also shown how incorporating nature promotes relaxation.

Their uses are some of the reasons to take care of them well. To do that, here are essential tips to remember:

Work with an expert

Taking care of trees is not easy, especially oaks. They can become massive. Some species can grow up to 40 feet in height and spread up to 60 feet.

Pruning, cutting, and removing require the right tools and people to do it. Retailers, thus, may have to work with commercial landscaping services in West Birmingham. These people can also provide ideas on daily tree care.

Know when to prune

Oaks can spread widely. They can reach roads or pathways. Diseased or rotten limbs can be dangerous for pedestrians. All these make pruning a must.

But there’s the best time to do it to avoid wilting and stunting the growth of the young trees. In Alabama, the right period is during the winter months.

The frequency may also differ according to the tree’s age. Mature ones need less care than the young oaks. You can prune or trim them every three years.

Watch out for pests and fungi

Even the sturdy trees such as oaks are not immune to pests and disease. In 2017, about 75 trees needed to be cut down due to a fungi infestation. These trees can also suffer from oak decline due to a combination of pests and disease.

Depending on the disease, the trees can recover. But they may also develop weakened branches or core. They can become unstable, which can make them harmful to humans and property.

The management of oak trees can be challenging. In many situations, you need to hire specialists and invest in its maintenance. But the oak’s beauty and benefit can make all the effort worth it.