An Overview of Popular Mexican Dishes

Mexico boasts of exceptional culinary culture, considering its vast traditions from modern Europeans, Mayas, and Aztecs. The food varies from one region to the other, depending on ethnicity. For instance, Southern Mexico is known for its spicy vegetables, while Northern Mexico is famous for its meat dishes. Here are some popular Mexican dishes:

Chicken Fajita

If you are planning to visit Mexican restaurants in Iowa, make sure you try this dish. The chicken serves as excellent finger food for parties due to its superb aroma and outstanding flavor. The recipe includes several seasonings that produce a delightful taste. Whether you eat it as a vegetable salad or as a meat wrap, you will enjoy the dish.

Mexican Grilled Corn

Grilled corn is sold on almost every street in Mexico. It is popular among Southern Mexicans. You can enjoy it at picnics or barbecues since it is easy to prepare and will not make you full quickly. After grilling, one can add some butter to add flavor.


Made from an assortment of herbs and hominy corn, pozole is stewed for hours. Traditionally, Mexicans would prepare it overnight and serve it in the morning. It is believed that this pre-Hispanic soup was served during ritual sacrifices. Currently, you can find chicken, vegetarian, and pork versions of this delicacy.


The crispy bites are made by roasting tortillas in boiling oil until they become golden and crunchy. You can serve them alone or with any garnish. Some of the commonly used toppings include cooked meat, ceviche, and cheese.

Initially, Mexican food consisted of native elements such as beans, peanuts, tomatoes, chili peppers, and vanilla. Over time, Europeans added meats such as chicken, pork, and goat. If you want to have a full taste of what this cuisine has to offer, try eating at a Mexican restaurant.