An Untroubled House Move: Tips for an Easier Transition

House moves, in general, are often riddled with difficulties that cause stress and unnecessary grief, detracting from the joy and excitement of moving to a new and better place. The factors that have made this a challenging endeavour revolve around mistakes during the organisation and transportation phases. Often, they result in extra expenses and wasted time.

To help homeowners reclaim this positive outlook towards their move, it is important to optimise the process. While some circumstances, such as bad weather, will always be out of your control, adopting appropriate solutions can make your move easier. Preparation for the worst-case scenario will help prevent it.

Create an action plan.

One of the simplest ways to prepare for a house move is to plan. Typically used for project management, a detailed list of timelines, tasks, and goals allows you to clearly visualise the entire process. Its break down of certain tasks that details the smaller, easier-to-achieve, and measurable goals makes it easier to achieve, overall.

Additionally, the inclusion of your moving budget and target dates give you the opportunity to figure out which items and tasks to prioritise. A well-made action plan will effectively guide you throughout your move so you can avoid any unnecessary detours.

Organise your possessions.

Packing is an inherent factor in any house move. It can also be the biggest source of your stress. The task of packing up all of your belongings to be transported can be overwhelming for most. It is best to organise your possessions first; it keeps you from losing or misplacing items. Afterwards, use adequate packing supplies to store them for transport.

Consider investing in durable storage equipment. This will ensure that your belongings are protected throughout the move. While boxes are appropriate for smaller items, plastic nally bins are ideal for bigger objects, such as electronics and small appliances. These durable storage materials help you safely move your possessions. Also, these boxes and bins give you the advantage of keeping everything organised once you have transferred everything to your new home.

Hire the right transport.

Man packing his boxed items into a vehicle

From truck and van hires to professional removalists, you have plenty of options available in terms of transport. The former is preferred by homeowners who do not have much stuff to move. This option gives you the freedom to transport your possessions on your own time, as well as keep track of your belongings at all times. The drawback of this option, however, is that a truck and van hire could charge hidden costs that can severely impact your budget.

On the other hand, a removalist company affords you the ability to entrust the entire removal and transport process to professionals. It might be more expensive, but the safeguards included in most contracts are worth it; the stringent protocols meant to protect your possession from damage.

As a physical representation of the new chapter in your life, your house move should be a positive experience. While these suggestions are not strict requirements, consider them as tips to make the transition easier and less stressful.