Are Frameless Showers Right for You?

Times are changing, and the interior design world is not lagging behind either. That’s not to say that interior décor has not been revolutionising over time, but elegant products are entering the market by the day. With a closer look at your bathroom, it’s one of the areas you would want to pay close attention to when building your home.

And, when choosing your shower door, you might be spoilt for choice due to the variety of options available in the market. Frameless shower doors are one of the popular options in Auckland, but the big question is: Are they right for your home? and other home experts list some factors to answer that.

Easy to Clean

Do you hate cleaning your shower doors? Worry not; you do not have to clean anymore when you get a frameless shower door. Framed doors have the risk of storing mould at the seals and trims, but you do not have to deal with these anymore.

Easy to Customise

One thing that homeowners love to enjoy is the customisation to suit their preference and style. Frameless shower doors are customisable to the size, colour, and design of your choice.

Easy to See

Frameless shower doors don’t have metal trims and seals on their frame. This way, your door gives a clearer view of the bathroom and even makes it appear bigger. If you have a small bathroom or perhaps beautiful bathroom tiles you want to show off, frameless shower doors are for you.

Frameless shower doors are a great option. You’ll be having clear glass doors with no seals, spending less time cleaning your shower doors, and enjoying a beautiful bathroom altogether.