Basement Waterproofing: Where Does the Moisture Come From?

Basement waterproofingUnfortunately, water always has a means of finding its way inside your building. The unique layout and nature of the basement make it more prone to moisture than any other area in your home.

Basement moisture can be troublesome if not dealt with promptly. It might result in damaged walls and floors, mould growth, and overall damage to your structure’s integrity. To keep moisture away from your basement, you need an excellent waterproofing method.

Before contacting your waterproofing sealant supplier in Sydney, it is important to determine the causes of the problem.

Hydrostatic pressure

This occurs due to water accumulation around the building foundation. Gravity then pushes the water down, forcing it to find a way to escape. As a result, the water forces its way through the cracks present on the walls or floor of the basement. Sometimes, the walls and basement floor might not have the cracks, but the water pressure will form cracks to create a way out.

Ground Water Infiltration

After heavy rains or snowmelts, the soil around your basement carries excess water. Unfortunately, this water is infiltrated into the basement through the cracks in the walls, resulting in basement flooding. To prevent this, ensure that all cracks are sealed before the rainy or snowy season.


Condensation comes about as a result of the cold air from outside coming in contact with the warm air inside of your basement. It could occur due to poor air circulation, sweating pipes, or the presence of a bathroom in the basement. Ensure that the pipes, walls, and floors in the basement are well insulated to prevent condensation.

Note that there are different ways to identify the presence of moisture in the basement. These include stained or blistering walls, humid or damp air, deteriorating wood or carpet, the smell of mould or mildew, water trickling from the walls, or the presence of stagnant water on the floor. If you notice any of these signs, get professional help immediately to avoid further damage to your basement.