Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs Who are Afraid of Failure

In any kind of business, there is always a risk. No idea is immune from failure and, despite careful planning, many factors, including an economic recession, can tank a business.

However, there are some that have a higher chance of success than others. If you are looking into going into business, here are some of the ventures you have to consider:


People need and love food. Any time of the year, there will always be people who go out or order in a meal from a restaurant. That is why, whether you have a pizza franchise business or a cozy coffee shop, there is a relatively lower risk for those who go into the food industry. People will still come, even in a slow economy, either because they want to celebrate an occasion or they just are not in the mood to cook at home.

Encourage customers to keep coming back. Even if there are many competitors popping up in the neighborhood, your business will continue to survive. Start a loyalty program wherein repeated visits will reward them with either coupons or gifts.

Laundry and Cleaning Services

In this economy, many people have to work full-time — with some taking a second job — to survive and provide for their families. That said, they do not have the luxury of time to complete household tasks. Therefore, they have to delegate these chores to third-party providers.

Businesses that offer laundry and cleaning services will always be in demand. Opening a laundromat, which can wash clothes in a short amount of time, is a convenient and affordable option for those who do not have the time to get the laundry done and those who cannot pay for in-house washers and dryers. A cleaning service, meanwhile, can aid not just residential homes but also offices and other businesses.

Vehicle Maintenance

There are a lot of cars in the United States. Anywhere you may be located, there will always be people who own at least one vehicle. In fact, according to statistics, there are 278 million vehicles in operation on the roads across the entire nation as of the first quarter of 2019.

A vehicle is an expensive investment. When it breaks down, people will not discard their car and buy a new one. Instead, they will bring it to automotive maintenance centers to get their vehicle repaired.

Delivery or Courier Services

Online shopping is the future of retail. The malls in the past have started to die out because most products can be purchased on the internet with one click of a button. Both local and long-distant courier services are essential to other businesses. You can make the most of the rise of e-commerce by providing reliable delivery to entrepreneurs and consumers.

While you will have to compete with big names, there is still a place for smaller players that offer fast delivery at affordable prices.

Event Planning


Planning an event is stressful. A party, whether it is for a child celebrating a birthday or a corporation marking the end of a marketing campaign, has so many working parts that need to be arranged to guarantee success. That is why many hire a professional to plan an event.

When you decide to pursue this venture, you can accept any kind of party or specialize in a particular kind. For example, you may be more interested in organizing weddings.

While these businesses will always be in demand, its success still relies on your willingness to work hard and make sacrifices. Moreover, provide a good service so that people will continue to entrust aspects of their lives to you.