Business Opportunities for Retirees in Cavite

The Philippines have many good places for settlement. For those who don’t want the pollution and congestion in the city but still want to live near the metro, Cavite is a good option.

With business process outsourcing companies drawing in professionals to work and live in the province, more business opportunities may be opened, especially by retirees. One of these opportunities is tapping the tourism industry in Cavite as a tour operator or travel agent, or both.

Reviews for some properties and communities in Cavite, such as Lancaster New City, consider accessibility to schools, career opportunities, and Manila as the main factors that attract more people.

Tour operator or travel agent?

The responsibilities of a tour operator include contracting and booking a travel package. On the other hand, a travel agent sells the travel packages of a tour operator. As such, travel agencies have a wider and more diverse listing of destinations, each highlighting a chosen travel package from each tour operator.

Private or joiners’ tour?

Many people are now tuned in to Cavite settlements. Some professionals, regardless of age, are tapping travel and tours as private or a joiner.  The itinerary of a joiners’ tour is rigid compared to a private tour. Various individuals who may come from different agencies are enlisted as joiners for a tour. Usually, these joiners meet up in one location.

Conversely, a private tour is more flexible. Some individuals or group of persons sign up for a private tour to achieve more flexibility in terms of destination, schedule, and site pick-up and drop off.

Highlands or sun and sea?

As a tour operator, you can create packages by including various destinations. For example, the highlands of Tagaytay is one of the top tourist destinations in Cavite. Many tourists visit the place to enjoy its cool weather while enjoying food in top-rated restaurants. Tourists who prefer a warmer weather may swim in the clear beach waters of Ternate.

Opportunities come but rarely do they linger. As developments have begun to turn the South of Manila into a bustling metro, entrepreneurs have taken advantage of it by striking at the right time and at the right place. You could be one of them.