Co-Working Space: Venturing into the Business

Going to the gym pretty much includes paying a membership fee, choosing a membership package, having a trainer (if you opt to), and using all the facilities available. As a freelance worker or a small business, the same concept applies in a co-working space.

Why not take a deeper look at the concept of sharing an office with other people. With that, as Venture X noted, you can find out why businessmen are looking into opening their co-working office franchise or business.

What is a co-working space?

A co-working space is targeted towards freelancers or small business owners who do not need to rent a full office space to get their job done, but would still need somewhere to do so (other than a coffee shop with free Wi-Fi).

This business concept is like that of a gym. A member pays a minimum fee to use the space and other facilities like the Internet, computer, tables and chairs, and photocopy machine to get their job done. Small businesses can hold meetings in conference rooms and can brainstorm in private spaces that are available for rent.

The rise of freelance and home-based jobs have made the market for co-working spaces grow over the years. This is the reason it’s also considered as a thriving business opportunity.

How can it be a good business?

All you need is a good location and a space huge enough to accommodate workers, while at the same time maintain their privacy if needed. Then, invest in necessary office tools and voila! You can have yourself a co-working space that caters to different working individuals 24/7.

People who work in co-working spaces do so because they get more things done and is able to conveniently access all the necessary equipment, all while working in a more relaxed environment.

Ready to start your own? Contact a franchisor, or look more into the business and learn how it can help you start your own.