Combat Christmas Waste with Recycling

Christmas can be the most wonderful yet wasteful time of the year for homes and businesses. They put a strain on local councils and landfills by discarding more than 300,000 tonnes of cardboard packaging from Christmas gifts.

The amount of cardboard thrown away annually is enough to wrap around the Big Ben tower 260,000 times. One billion cards are also put in the bin, along with 227,000 miles of gift-wrap – a catastrophe for the environment.

Responsible businesses use less packaging on their products or opt for ‘greener’ packaging options and recycle paper products.

Choosing Recycled Packaging

They can do this by choosing toy boxes, CD sleeves, or necklace presentation boxes made of recycled card. Many innovative manufacturers provide ethical packaging options to businesses. These include edible and biodegradable wrapping, cones for fries made of coconut instead of paper and bubble wrap made of seaweed.

Reducing Packaging and Paper

Some products may be sold without any packaging, such as food items. Staff Christmas cards can be ditched in favour of the more environmentally friendly electronic cards. A festive message can be sent to everyone on the team without using any cardboard at all. A similar approach can be taken with company letters, bills or invoices. Opting to go ‘paperless’ is better for the planet.

Recycling Unavoidable Packaging

Where packaging cannot be avoided, it should be recycled. Waste cardboard recycling can be organised by a waste management solutions firm. Choosing one that transports waste to a recycling facility and has a 'zero waste to landfill' policy will ensure that no business waste ends up being discarded. Work with a company that makes better use of resources, cares for the environment and protects wildlife from ingesting rubbish.

Residential and commercial activities cause extra waste during the festive season, but everyone can do their part by using biodegradable packaging, buying or selling items without packaging, recycling and minimising waste.