Customer Experience: Why It’s Crucial to Your Business

One of the reasons why 79 percent of America’s consumers shop online is because of the customer experience. Stealio believes that the best way to serve your customers is by giving them the best shopping experience. The convenience of purchasing something while you sit in bed, still in your PJs is what truly gets most people. It’s the way a company makes you feel every time you go to their website or every time you receive their weekly email newsletters. Here’s a deeper look at what customer experience is and why it’s so crucial to the success of your business.

What is Customer Experience or CX?

In this digital age, the term “customer experience” has a much deeper meaning. It’s not just what happens when a customer interacts with your brand. It’s also the way they perceive your company whenever they see it or hear about it. It’s how they feel when they read about it on social media or when a friend tells them what they think about it.

CX and UX

CX is usually confused with the user experience or UX, but the two are different. UX is more related to the customer’s interaction with the product. For example, if a McDonald’s customer posts a picture of him eating a hot fudge sundae with the caption “This always makes my day.” – that’s UX. CX is company specific, which means it’s the bigger picture.

Why Are They Important?

Customers can easily paint a picture of what your brand is like based on the overall experience they have with your company. Again, it’s their perception of your company that will draw the line between being a repeat customer and going for the competition. Making sure that everything, from the awareness stage to the decision stage of the buyer’s journey, is geared towards customer satisfaction will result in a customer experience that’s worth telling others about.