Disability Inclusion: Strategies to Promote Easy Integration

If not well considered, different policies in the business and public spheres could result in interventions that do not promote the inclusion of people living with disabilities. Thus, there should be sensible strategies to encourage easy integration and access to services. Here are different ways to achieve this:


Public areas, schools and offices should provide spaces that accommodate the unique needs of different facility users. Have wheelchair slopes, grab bars, and reflective tape to ease the mobility of the disabled. Making air travel, washrooms, and residential places universally accessible also goes a long way. It eliminates the need for people with disabilities to rely on someone else to get them where they need to go.

Promote Inclusion at School

There are different ways in which learning institutions can advocate inclusion. Teach students about people living with disabilities; students can help in enhancing inclusivity from a young age. Teach children to celebrate unique people and to appreciate their talents. In institutions of higher learning, scouting for athletes with disabilities and getting them scholarships based on their athletic abilities will go a long way in boosting their skills.

Involve Them in Policy Making

When making policies, you should want them to be inclusive and to cater to the needs of all members of society. People with disabilities know what is lacking in today’s policies, they appreciate the challenges that they face every day, and they are aware of the necessary changes. Their participation in the policy-making process allows them to express these needs and be part of the solution. Increasing disability representation in the political setting will also go a long way.

Increase Visibility in Mainstream Media

Mainstream media channels are known to portray perfection, and anything that seems like a flaw is shunned. People with disabilities are abled differently and have much to offer if given the time and space. Letting them play roles of characters with disabilities as opposed to having non-disabled persons do it can be a great starting point.

Overall, disabled people can contribute much to society. Thus, policies in the business and public spheres should be sensitive to their needs.