Examples of Mexican Influence in the U.S.

In 2017, Disney-Pixar’s animated film Coco debuted with a positive reception. A movie about family and Mexican tradition, it introduced many people to the way of life of this Latin-American country. However, this is nothing new since people have long admired Mexico for its history, food, music, and entertainment. The country’s influence can be seen in many parts of the U.S., be it Mexican restaurants or dramas on television.


Mexican restaurants in Alexandria know that tacos, quesadillas, nachos, and guacamole are crowd favorites. The flavors of these dishes can be savory or spicy depending on the preferred taste of the customers in the area. The spices that give aroma or taste to Mexican dishes can be traced to the plants that grow in the country.


TV entertainment is another strong suit of Mexico, as can be seen in their telenovelas. Many of these dramas have been parodied by comedy shows like Mad TV and SNL due to the way body language or emotions are conveyed in these programs. Other Mexican shows that are lighter or more comedic are adapted as American sitcoms.


Mexico also has a distinct wrestling tradition in which the participating fighters dress up in costumes and masks. Usually, for mock combat, costumed wrestling serves as live entertainment for spectators.


Lastly, Mexican history is something worth learning about. The country has various sites and artifacts that show the lifestyle of individual tribes.

Overall, there are many things to admire about Mexico. It’s a country that has shared its cuisine to the world, be it through tacos or nachos. It has also provided entertainment through telenovelas and masked wrestling. As a country with a rich history, it’s easy to imagine what Mexico will share in the future.