Five Ways for Breweries to Attract a New Breed of Customers

Breweries need new customers to get their businesses going. Although the number of craft breweries opening increased by at least 14% in 2018, their target audience is diversifying their options. A huge portion of the population has now grown accustomed to drinking wine and spirits than beers. Not only this, but customers also want more products than what traditional breweries offer.

Then again, breweries can also target a specifically different breed of customers: the non-alcoholic brewery goers. They can offer drinks made with aseptic mango puree, for instance. They can also offer mocktails and low-alcohol-content drinks. If you’re a brewery trying to make it in this industry, you have to work harder to get a fair share of the market that has seemingly changed its demands.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Most successful breweries have become successful because of going old school. This means reconnecting with neighbors and getting to know them on a more personal level. These breweries localized their marketing strategies. They attend local festivities. They participate in local community programs where they mingle with the locals. Breweries that have gone old school tend to attract the right market.

Attract Local Clubs

Don’t be a stereotypical bar where only the partygoers are welcome. Have a space for a local book club where they can talk about a certain book over a pint of beer. Attract local community organizations to hold their meetings in your brewery. You can invite over other groups (not just beer drinkers) such as the rotary club and the Sunday church service.

Create Themed Nights

Trivia nights are fun and cool. They attract all groups of people and open up the possibility of attracting a wider audience. You can do a Star-Wars-themed trivia night or a Game-of-Thrones-themed night. You will attract the followers of these shows. Hopefully, your fan base will also expand as a result of these themed nights.

Sell Your Space

Your space is one of your biggest selling points. Make sure to promote this space. Let your target audience know that they can rent it out for private and corporate events. It’s quite a hassle for these events to get organized, but if they rent your space, they’ll have access to your food and drinks. You can promote your taproom as a meeting place, for example. Your business could be one of the most sought-after event places in the local area.

Offer Free Materials


You can offer free items showing your brewery logo. This is a great way to promote your business to the local community. Remember that if people wear this shirt outside, others will be aware of your brewery. You can give away free caps and shirts for your first 500 customers. That’s a good way of letting people know about your business. This works technically like a word-of-mouth recommendation.

Creating a unique marketing strategy for your brewery business can get it to places. But the one thing that you should always strive for is to attract new customers consistently. This is the only way that any business can survive. Your business’ ability to woo new customers will bring you success.