Handle Returns and Refunds Without Upsetting Your Customers

Dealing with returns and refunds is a process that you can accomplish without upsetting your customers. When customers are satisfied with your service, they are likely to buy more items from you. Logistics experts ReverseLogix says that the following are what you should do when dealing with returns or refunds.

1. Organize Your Returns and Refund Process

The best way to keep track of customers’ returns and demand for refunds is to use reverse logistics software. This way, your staff would not have to spend time manually checking each complaint.

2. Keep a Returns Policy That’s Clear and Understandable

A return or refund policy that’s complicated and filled with legal terms is unlikely to get a customer’s loyalty. But if your policies are easy to understand, customers will likely appreciate it. Some companies use graphics, detailed descriptions, and examples to show how buyers can return the items or get a refund.

3. Ask the Reason and Use It For Future Improvement

Make it a point to ask your customers why they are returning the items. Knowing the reason could help prevent the same incident from happening again.

4. Assist the Customer

If the return is handled online, you can instruct the customer to return the item to nearest and most convenient place for them. You can also help them return the item through the mail if they choose this option. This is possible if you provide every item with a return label. You could also allow the use of QR codes instead of print labels.

5. Give Constant Updates

The customer will greatly appreciate if you inform them about the status of their returns or refunds. This is also your chance to offer your other products and services. Aside from emails, you can also inform them through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. If for some reason, the return or refund is denied, you can offer a voucher as consolation.

The objective of handling returns and refunds is to keep customer satisfied. If you handle a large number of products, it’s probably better to automate the process. Making the return or refund process simple would also likely earn the customer’s loyalty. To improve your services, you can ask the buyer why they are returning the product. Assisting and updating them on the status of their returns or refunds can retain their patronage.