How Businesses Stay Visible with Signage and Displays that Pop

One of the most important things for a business is visibility. And a business signage is important to achieve visibility. It marks a company’s location and gives people an idea of what a brand provides. Most business owners don’t want a run-of-the-mill signage, especially with all the new methods available today.

Here are some forms of signage that businesses are looking for:

1. Laser Engraved Wood Signs

Wooden signs give businesses a rustic yet elegant quality. No need for skilled craftsmen toiling for days, laser engravers can do the woodworking in minutes. Laser engraving allows engravers to put as many details as desired into the signage. You can add a complex logo, a piece of graphic design, or even a photo into your signage. All you need to have is an idea of what you want in your signage and the laser engraver will do all the work. Wooden signs are perfect if most of the business operations are carried out during the day, but you can always add little spotlights to keep the sign visible at night.

Another reason engraved wood is preferred is because of the benefits of the material itself. Wood’s level of work ability and light-weight make it ideal for specific applications. It’s also easy to construct, enabling a fast and efficient building process that can be completed in almost any climate.

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For some companies, sustainability is a concern that requires serious, consistent efforts. Wood products are sustainable, with less embodied energy and a lighter carbon footprint than other materials. It makes sense that businesses seek to incorporate wood into specific aspects of their operation, including the creation of their signage. The good news for engravers is that laser technology has made engraving faster, more efficient than ever.

2. Digital Displays

LED displays are some of today’s preferred ways to promote businesses, just because they offer the ability to create a visual, interactive environment in innovative ways. Now more than ever, LED displays are affordable and accessible, driving businesses to take advantage of the technology.

One of the best reasons to invest in LED displays is its visual appeal. Digital signage is far more eye-catching than static displays, which helps in information retention. With bright images and vivid colors, people are more likely to remember facts, data, and figures. Second, LED displays are easy to install and set up, and designing a custom design is straightforward when using various app tools.

3. Holographic 3D Displays

Nothing grabs people’s attention like a moving holographic 3D display. Using programmable LED fans, you can create a 3D holographic projection of your product, your company logo, your mascot, or whatever you think will draw the eyes of your customers. 3D displays are especially popular in China, but these 3D holograms are also popping up everywhere.

A signage is a reflection of a business. Businesses are challenged to put serious thought on what they want it to convey and on what type of signage is the most suitable and effective for their branding.