How Much Would It Cost to Tie the Knot in Singapore for 2019?

Those who plan to tie the knot in Singapore this year should be aware that banquet rates of five- and four-star hotels have increased since 2017.

A typical wedding costs couples at least $30,000 in the country, but some even spend more than $50,000 for the occasion. The number of guests, time and day, location and the venue are just some of the major expenses that affect the overall budget. Those who are keen on counting each penny may as well include the cost of distributing red packets as a token for the wedding entourage, and corkage fees for the wedding reception if there would be any.

Estimating Banquet Expenses

The most expensive day to hold a wedding falls on a Saturday, simply because more people have no work or school obligations. You could save money by scheduling the event on a Friday or Sunday. A mid-week celebration would be more affordable, but this increases the chances for guests to skip the occasion.

Five- and four-star hotels usually charge at least $1,634 and $951 per table, respectively. Since each table normally seats 10 persons, it is not hard to determine that banquets often cost around half the entire cost of your wedding budget. If you are still looking for affordable wedding reception ideas, a halal buffet catering service in Singapore may be a good option. The prices for specialty restaurants and caterers may range between $500 and $1,100 per table. Alternative venues for wedding reception such as country clubs cost from around $690 to $1,900 per table.

Why It Costs a Lot

A weekday reception for 300 guests costs approximately $127 per person, while the per-head rate for weekend dinner costs $155 on average. Given these numbers, a couple would easily exceed the $30,000 average on a typical wedding.

The instant solution would involve trimming the number of guests, but that is easier said than done. Even if you are sure that you only want a small reception, you should still account for the unexpected arrival of some people.

Other Wedding Expenses

Bride choosing a wedding dress

Bridal packages are popular in Singapore because of the bundled price for different expenses, including the gown and makeup. Most packages usually cost between $3,000 and $6,000. This is a money-saver because a customised gown alone may require you to spend over $2,000 on average.

Some Chinese families still follow the tradition of wedding dowries to the bride’s family. Couples should discuss it among themselves, but men usually give at least $2,000 if it’s necessary. Other miscellaneous expenses include photography and video-recording services. Save up to $4,000 by enlisting the help of a family member or close friend to handle this. You could also forego a honeymoon and save at least $5,000, although that seems a bit too much especially if you have been planning your wedding for a long time.

A small venue with few guests would be the best way to limit your wedding expenses this year. Since most hotels charge hefty rates for a lunch or dinner reception, you should consider other banquet styles like a buffet catering.