How to Eat Mexican Food the Healthy Way

Who can say no to Mexican food? However, while Mexican dishes uses tons of healthy ingredients, most staples come with tons of calories, which is a problem if you’re trying to cut back. The good news is that by planning and making more healthy choices, you could certainly eat Mexican food without hurting your diet. Consider the following suggestions the next time you go to your favorite Mexican restaurant in Alexandria:

Opt for ceviche as your appetizer.

If you really must order an appetizer, order ceviche, which is a low-calorie fresh seafood dish with chili peppers, onions, and marinated in citrus juices.

Skip the chips.

Yes, chips and salsa are the best, and you can certainly indulge in them from time to time. If you’re trying to cut back, however, don’t order chips because they’re high in calories. Or you could eat two or three pieces from your friend’s order, but don’t order one full dish for yourself.

Go with the corn tortilla.

Love your tacos? Opt for corn tortilla instead of flour. It contains fewer fat grams and calories than its flour counterpart, plus it’s lower in sugar and sodium as well.

Consider grilled foods.

Rather than ordering a taquito or chimichanga, opt for shrimp, chicken, or steak fajitas. They’re much healthier but just as delicious and filling than fried Mexican food staples.

Stay away from refried beans and rice.

These are staples in almost all Mexican restaurants, but they’re very high in fat content and calories. Go with grilled vegetables or a salad with light dressing, which is just as filling but high in fiber and lower in calories.

Drink smart.

If you can’t go to your favorite restaurant without having a margarita, opt for the skinny margarita. It’s only around 90 to 100 calories versus 600 calories in a standard margarita serving.

By keeping these suggestions in mind when you go to your go-to Mexican restaurant, you will find yourself leaving satisfied, full, and feeling healthier. This way, you could also indulge in Mexican food more often, minus the guilt.