How to Tell If Your Roof Needs a Makeover

A home’s interior may be regularly updated, but people don’t always pay as much attention to the exterior and roof. To avoid roof leaks and other problems that could be dangerous as well as costly, every homeowner and landlord should keep a close eye on the condition of their roof and make sure they get it professionally checked every six months.

There are tell-tale signs every Lancaster, PA resident should know that suggest the roof needs to be replaced or repaired. The signs of wear and tear are:

· Dark patches – these may be indicative of damp

· Water leaking, bulges or damp spots on the internal ceiling, where there is no plumbing leak

· Sagging of areas of the internal ceiling

· Buckling that is visible when observing the external roof

· Green or black patches visible on the external roof – this is a warning sign for rot

· Missing or displaced roof tiles.

A damaged roof can ruin a home, cause excessive bills, reduce the value of the property, and may have health and safety implications.

Water leaks weaken the structure of the home, can give rise to the growth of mold. Mold can trigger asthma, allergies and breathing difficulties in young children and can make asthma worse in older people who already have it. As damp spreads, the problem usually becomes worse without extensive mold removal services.

Flooding is an electrocution hazard. If electrical appliances come into contact with water, it increases the risk of electric shock or a house fire.

Loose tiles can also cause injury and people have been hurt or killed by falling roof tiles.

This makes timely repair of a roof very important for the property and the family. For repair or roof replacement, get in touch with a team of roofers who will help solve your roofing problems.