Is Buying a Mortgage During the Festivities Worth the Hassle?

The joy in the air everywhere is enough evidence that the festive season is here. The festive season is also that season of spending a lot of money, but you want this season a little bit different. You want to buy a home from a mortgage company in St. George (City Creek Mortgage).

While everyone might be discouraging this move due to harsh weather conditions in some areas, buying a home during the holiday season is worth the take for the following reasons:

Lower Prices

The prices of homes have been on the hike the whole year due to a decline of homes. Nevertheless, December records the lowest house prices in the past years, and it is likely that the trend will continue.

Less Competition

Many people are busy with the festivities and will go back to buying homes the next year. Less competition is a plus for any homebuyer as the chances of getting your dream home is easy with few people shopping for homes this festive season.

Faster Closings

The closing of a mortgage process takes long and is the most dreaded part of a home buying process. Every role player in the home buying process wants to be done with business before the year ends.

The sellers need to relocate; the real estate agent needs to include the house sale in this year’s income, the lender wants to have the loan in this year’s books. The motivation that they all have is the best for you, and you can get that home as fast as possible.

Motivated Sellers

Rolling out the new year comes with a lot of things such as changing jobs, or changing the schools that children attend. Home sellers whose properties have been on sale for a while will want to finish the home selling process before the new year comes and this works a great deal for you.

Moving during the holiday season can be tedious, but the advantages of buying a home during the holiday season outweigh the setbacks of moving.

If you are looking to buy a home, contact a mortgage company in St. George for viewing of the properties on sale this season and let the New Year find you in a new home.