Is Print Advertising Still a Worthwhile Investment?

Advertising has changed a lot within the past three decades. Traditional means of advertising used to take full control of how products and services reach customers. Print, radio, and television used to be the only way a new product could reach its target market.

However, everything changed with the introduction of the internet. The World Wide Web brought information from all over the world within a snap, and this includes new products and services. 

The internet opened advertising to almost everyone, and it’s become difficult for print ads to match the global reach a well-made digital campaign can have.

However, there’s a reason companies like still thrives in the digital age. Marketers still see print advertising as a viable means to reach a targeted audience. It can still capture the attention of the reader and convert a sale in today’s competitive market.

The question that begs to be asked is this: how can print ads still have an influence on its audience? There are multiple angles you can approach to answer this question, and we will check a couple of the more popular arguments.

A chunk of the market with purchasing power still reads newspapers

Some may consider the newspaper as a dying medium. In fact, a couple of publications all around the world have made the full transition to digital. However, there are still dailies who produce papers and still get readership.

Most of the people who still read the newspaper are Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers. And unsurprisingly, these generations have the most purchasing power out of the four generations present.

With this in consideration, it’s still a wise idea for companies to invest in print advertisements.

People still have a high trust for printed advertisements

When was the last time you have trusted an online ad to actually deliver on what was advertised? A good guess is not that often. In fact, one of those ads that you may have clicked may have given your computer or smartphone a virus in the process.

It’s probably due to the intrusive nature of digital marketing that a lot still put a lot of faith in print ads. In the many advertising channels available to marketers, a recent study revealed that print is still influential in completing the purchasing journey.

Print allows for more information

If we have to compare online ads to something, they’d be elevator pitches. They only have seconds to convince you to buy the product or service they’re selling, so they’ll bombard you with as much information as they can.

That’s not the case with print. Advertisers who use print can provide as much information about their product or service as they can for the prospective customer to inspect at his own pace. This allows the customer to digest the information better and make a more informed decision.

The print should become relevant again

There are multiple marketers that predict the return to relevance of print ads. Given the oversaturation of digital content, it’s becoming suffocating for customers to scour through the online space.

Allotting resources on print ads as well will help consolidate an ad campaign and convert the sale.

These are only some of the arguments that provide support for companies to integrate print into their ad campaigns. A multi-faceted campaign should only yield good results to marketers who know how to use their tools properly.