Learn to Respond to These Business Challenges

You want everything to go right for your business. You work hard to outline the workflow, going as detailed as possible to ensure that everyone knows what to do. You’ve covered the best-case scenario thoroughly, thanks to your diligence.

What about the worst-case scenario? Don’t forget about these:

Customer Returns

You trust that your business offers only the best products, and you only partner with the best in logistics to ensure that they reach buyers on time. However, a 100% success rate is just too good to be true, especially when you’re dealing with different types of customers. Some of them may want to return items due to several reasons. Others want a full refund while some of them would prefer a replacement. You should be ready to handle returns in person and through the RMA app so that even as they are returning items, customers will feel that you go the extra mile to offer good service. This will make customers want to transact with you again despite this little hiccup. You may not want to think about the scenario wherein a customer wants to return your items, but you still have to prepare when it happens.

Negative Reviews

Sometimes they’re coupled with a product return. Sometimes they come out of nowhere. You think the transaction went smoothly until you see that scalding review about your product and company. You feel cheated. You didn’t see the signs, and you didn’t even get the chance to explain or make amends. It’s like finding out about a bad breakup because your partner talked about it to someone else before they even talked to you. You think of several things, including petty things that will make the customer regret their review. You’re free to think them–but enforcing them is a different thing. You will not be able to remedy the situation if your response is to be petty. You are a business owner or manager, a professional, and you may have to deal with the same customer again. It’s best not to burn this bridge because of one bad experience for both parties. Respond to their review as soon as possible, apologize, and communicate that you want to make things right. They will surely appreciate the gesture.

Human Error

a busy office

As much as you want to be a professional, your business may commit blunders and be called out for them. Learn from your mistakes instead of ignoring them. You’re operating a business at a time when customers are more critical about the products they consume and the companies they support. They will not tolerate products that enforce racism and discrimination, but they are not completely unforgiving as well. They are vocal about their opinions, which means that if you crossed a line, you will hear something about it. How you respond will determine whether you will lose customers or not. Be responsible for the decisions of your company and accept that you made a mistake. Then, correct your mistakes. This is an important step that customers will remember you made. Choose to ignore the problem and lose customers, or be a better company and earn everyone’s respect.

It’s not always smooth sailing when you’re running a business. Prepare for everything and always respond with the intention of learning from the situation.