Mistakes to Avoid When Implementing PPC Marketing Campaigns

PPC text on a laptop screenIf you type in keywords related to a product or service on a search engine, the top results will be generated through PPC ads. With PPC or pay-per-click marketing, you don’t need to wait until search engines index your website’s pages. While it is an effective marketing strategy, however, it can also get frustrating when you implement it wrongly.

Here are some common PPC marketing mistakes businesses should avoid, according to thirdstage-marketing.com.

Only directing visitors to your homepage or landing page

Why spend so much money on different ads that highlight different products if you’re only going to direct your visitors to the same place? It’s a big mistake to advertise and direct your visitors only to your homepage or landing page. When visitors click on a certain advertisement, they want to get specific information concerning that product or service.

Always direct each ad to the specific page. Making the visitors search for information can equal to the loss of sales and profit.

Lack of a call to action

This is a very common mistake among online businesses. After directing visors to your landing page, you need to tell them what you want them to do. In other words, you must have a call to action so that you can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. You need to test out different call-to-action phrases, so you know which produces the most results.

Search engine Google frowns on phrases such as ″click here″ so instead, go for phrases such as ″start today″ or ″buy now″ or ″download now″ and the like. To choose the right call to action phrases, talk to a ppc agency in Denver that has a proven track of experience in successful marketing campaigns.

Keyword overload and use of irrelevant keywords

The 80/20 rule applies in use of keywords for PPC campaigns, Excessive use of keywords rarely works out. When using keywords, the more specific you are, the better. Avoid using keywords that are too broad since doing so will just complicate the capability of your advertisement.

If you want to generate more leads without spending too much on marketing campaigns, then PPC will do exactly that. When done properly, PPC marketing will give you reliable results month after month.