Need Cleaning for Your Upholstery? Know Your Options

Upholstery is an essential part of all offices and homes. Keeping the upholstery clean and in pristine condition is vital. It can harbor dangerous microorganisms, which can cause severe diseases in susceptible individuals. Dirty upholstery also creates a negative first impression on your guests.

DIY upholstery cleaning with a damp cloth and detergents is mostly inefficient. This essential service is hence best handled by companies offering expert commercial cleaning services, like Here are some of the techniques the experts will use to clean your upholstery.

Hot water extraction

This method uses highly pressurized hot water to agitate and dissolve the dirt from your upholstery. This is followed by rinsing and thorough cleaning, then extraction of the water through a vacuum. Your seats are then left to dry under conditioned temperatures. The use of chemical concentrates under high temperature in hot water extraction allows sanitation of your seats. Hot water extraction, however, is quite expensive.


This cleaning method involves the use of detergents, which crystallize into a powder on drying. The loose dirt particles in your seats are hence turned to powder and vacuumed or brushed. Encapsulation uses less water and has shorter drying times compared to other cleaning techniques. It is, however, not the ideal method for excessively dirty upholstery.


In this method, the contractor applies a cleaning agent to your upholstery, which suspends debris and dirt from it. The cleaning agent is then whipped up into a froth and worked into your upholstery using a special rotary brush then extracted with a vacuum. The upholstery dries fast, and this method is inexpensive. It, however, does not remove dirt buried in the lower surfaces of your upholstery.

Regular professional upholstery cleaning is essential to its longevity. You should choose a well-equipped company with expert cleaners. This assures you of perfect handling of your delicate upholstery and an overall thorough clean.