On Police Patrol: What are the Essentials?

Being a police on patrol is never easy. There are days when you just sit in your patrol car and wait until your shift is over. Then, there will be times when you go beyond your shift and line of duty just to get your job done properly.

But through it all, you should also consider your safety as an officer because your life matters. A police light, a badge and a siren speaker you can buy from firms such as LED Equipped are staples for the police on duty.

But as a man in action, there are things that you should also have with you whenever you leave your house and report for duty. Veteran police officers will agree that these things might be small and simple, but they can make a whole lot of difference in your job.


Always have enough ammo with you. As a police officer, no one knows when you need your firearm unless you need it. Clean your firearms and replace your ammo regularly. Those last bullets you put into your gun might be the same bullets that will save your life.

Snacks and water

There are days when patrol duty will be long or action-packed. Have snacks and water in your patrol car to keep you hydrated, energized, and awake.


Nowadays, police officers communicate with the latest gadgets and computers. But like modern technology, all these things could fail. So always have your handy radio with you. When all lines are jammed and electric signals are down, your old radio will definitely be your lifeline.

Body armor

Your life is precious. So wear it whenever you wear your uniform and are on duty.

Spare gear

You will be thrown into various situations that are physically challenging. Have spare shirt, socks, and boots to keep you warm and comfortable. It might seem small, but wearing good shoes can help you move better and faster.

As a police officer, your safety also matters. Keep these things with you (and others that you can think of) whenever on duty and see how it can change your patrol experience