Packing 101: Tips for Moving into Your College Dorm

Starting college and moving into a dormitory is exciting, especially for freshmen. But before anything else, plan your moving day ahead of time to ensure a smooth and seamless transition from your home to your home away from home for the next few years.

Make a List

Before anything else, make a list of everything you need a couple of weeks before moving day comes around. This is important to keep track of what you need to bring. The necessities include toiletries, towels, and beddings. Listing these essentials beforehand will give you ample time to prepare what you already have and buy what you don’t have on hand.

While most colleges have a common kitchen, it never hurts to bring a dish set, cutlery, and your own mug. Check with the administrator if you are allowed or provided a microwave and mini-fridge so you can buy some food supplies, too.

Pack Wisely

Female college student on campusBe careful not to over or under pack. When packing clothes, you have to be strict with yourself about what items to take along. Pack minimally and only what is necessary: comfortable clothes and shoes, a dressy outfit for social gatherings, and a corporate outfit for job fairs and interviews. Be creative with your outfits and pack clothes and accessories that can be worn in different styles. Winter clothes are bulky and take up a lot of space so it’s best to leave that behind for when you come home for the holidays.

An important aspect that is often overlooked is what to pack your things in. Do not use boxes that are flimsy or broken – unless you are up for a bit of struggle and a whole lot of annoyance should it fall apart before you even get to your dormitory. Pack in corrugated boxes that are designed to keep your items intact. Storage boxes are a significant asset, as they are sturdy and designed for maximum space-saving potential, says packaging company Nash Packaging.

Label the boxes to avoid confusion during the transportation process. This way, you’ll be able to keep track of what goes in and out first. It also helps make it easier to check if you have everything while loading and unpacking. Don’t worry about what to do with the boxes after you have moved in, though. You can easily fold them up and store them for future use.

On Moving Day

Moving day isn’t always like it is in the movies, where the college kid gets to unload their stuff right in front of the building. Traffic can build up and it can get crowded so you will want to arrive early at the college. Finish with the registration and admission while your parents look for a parking spot. After all of this, you can proceed to unload and bring up boxes in a more orderly manner.

When choosing an outfit for moving day, keep in mind that you will be hauling boxes, bags, and baskets to your dormitory. Opt for a comfortable outfit and shoes and save that cute outfit for another day.

Lastly, after you’re all moved in and settled, don’t forget to thank your parents for helping you all throughout the process of moving. Don’t mistake their smiling faces as signs that they are happy that you’re away, chances are, they are just holding back the emotions. It can be rough on them, seeing their kid grow up right before their eyes. So, take time to say goodbye and assure them that you will keep in touch no matter how busy college gets.