Planning for a Wedding? Here’s a Quick Checklist to Guide You

Planning for a big event like a wedding involves a lot of time, effort, and money. Before spending on anything or committing to anything, here’s a look at the major things you need for the big day.

Set a Date.

First of all, set a date for the wedding. This will determine how much time you have from now until the day of your wedding. By knowing how much time you have, you can schedule requirements and look for suppliers much more efficiently. Having a timetable is key to effective planning and making sure that you have everything covered weeks in advance before the date.

Check Supplier and Venue Schedules.

Pencil-book your preferred dates and alternate dates with the suppliers of your choice. Have a first and second choice, just in case your schedules don’t meet. These are your wedding couturier, photographers, videographers, musicians, cake designer, caterer, and invitation printers.

Along with this step is to check your preferred dates against the availability of your venue choices. Ideally, have two other backup dates that are either significant to you or the most practical alternative. JayLynn Photography Studio, Salt Lake City’s top photographers, cite that there are plenty of romantic places in Salt Lake City where you can hold your wedding and even the reception.

By looking at the schedules of the people you need and the venues of your choice, you can determine the best date for you to set your wedding date. Make sure to confirm your bookings, so you get to keep the date of your choice and include all the important dates in your timetable.

Create a Checklist.

The checklist has to contain details of the things and services that you need. This is basically a two-section list: a to-do list and a payment tracker. This will allow you to keep track of what you’ve already done, what you’ve already paid for, and what else is still on either list. Coordinate with your timetable for seamless planning.

Create a Guest List with RSVP.

Finally, make a list of the people you want to be there on your special day. This includes your wedding entourage and members of your family and your husband’s family. Sit down with your fiancé when creating this list to make sure you both have the people that matter to you on your special day. And remind them to RSVP. Best wishes and good luck!