Recycle to Save the Natural Habitat

Deforestation causes more damage to the environment than all of transportation put together. Almost 20% of global emissions result from tree felling. Businesses can do their bit for the planet by recycling their office supplies.

Forests not only provide a rich natural habitat for many species of animals, birds and plants, they also behave like lungs for the planet, giving out oxygen and taking in carbon dioxide. Preservation of forest land is vital for global sustainability.

Despite its importance, half the world’s forests have been felled and only 12% of the land in the UK is covered by woods.

Four Billion Felled Trees a Year

Every year, an estimated four billion trees are cut downaround the world just to make paper and cardboard. A pine tree will produce around 10,000 sheets of paper, less for cardboard that requires more pulp.

UK families throw out paper and cardboard waste from an average of six trees a year and for businesses, the quantity is even worse. Even businesses that try to be eco-responsible and communicate mainly by email consume a whole tree annually. Despite the alarming figures, only two-thirds of the UK’s paper are recycled.

The Recycling Solution

Paper and cardboard recycling is one solution. Re-using the resources that are already available reduces the need to fell more trees. It encourages sustainable forestry and cuts greenhouse gas emissions.

Using recycled products and displaying the recycled symbol on company letterheads will enhance the company reputation, too.

A waste management solutions team can arrange to have office waste taken away, broken down and recycled so that none of it ends up in a landfill.

Global deforestation is one of the most major threats to the environment. Householders and business owners can do their bit towards preservation by relying more on digital means to distribute information, by having a ‘paper-free’ office and by recycling their domestic and commercial waste.