Safety Vests: What Options Should You Consider?

Being invisible to various elements in your working environment is one of the leading factors of workplace-related injuries. The essential personal protective equipment (PPE) to guarantee your visibility to other people is a safety vest. It is legally required for workers in dim factories working near machines, construction workers along roads, and emergency responders. The safety vest you get for your employees should adhere to various standards on their design. These include the dimensions of the vest as well as its material and colour capabilities.

The safety vests you get from safety clothing manufacturers in Australia, for instance, are typically yellow, green or orange. These fluorescent vest colours contrast the standard outdoor and indoor colours and thus glow, making the wearer visible. The vests are also designed with a mesh, which averts their risk of becoming waterlogged and heavy for the wearer, which would impede them for their tasks.

Here are various types of vest that will increase your workplace’s safety.

Breakaway Vest

This is designed to protect workers at risk of getting caught up in moving machine parts. There are two types of breakaway safety vests. A five-point vest has a front closure, loop, hook sides and shoulders while a four-point vest has sides and shoulders. Both types of vests will tear away when caught in machines and thus prevent the dragging of their wearer.

There are also other breakaway vest brands that have zips. These zips become unzipped with the tension caused by snagging. They are a suitable option for those who do not like the appearance of adjustable hook and loop closures.

Public Safety Vest

This is meant for first responders like police officers, paramedics and firefighters. A public safety vest has a breakaway option and a duty belt. The breakaway alternative protects the wearer in case offenders try to drag them using the vest in a physical confrontation or if the vest is caught in something when working.

a man wearing a safety vest

Public safety vests should also be adjustable to allow people to wear them over jackets. They are colour coded for different first responders, with blue used by police officers, green for paramedics and red for firefighters.

Economy Vest

This is worn during special events and hence made of non-durable material. Economy vests are usually worn by those providing security or directing traffic at these events to allow for their easy identification. You can have the vests printed with various terms such as ‘security’ or ‘staff’ for enhanced identification.

High Visibility Vest

In most cases, this term encompasses all types of safety vests. High visibility vests, however, are made from a higher quality fluorescent material than other safety vests. This material remains colourfast throughout the vest’s life, thus guaranteeing the highest visibility for the wearer.

Other than your employees’ visibility, the above types of safety vests can also be used as marketing tools. As such, most companies now include their logos and product promotion messages on their safety vests. Before handing out safety vests to your workers, ensure they understand why they should wear them. This will enhance their safety compliance.