Staffing Your Company: How to Improve Recruitment

Finding a new employee to be a part of your team is never easy. With the hundreds of thousands of potential employees available in the world, finding the right person for the job is not only challenging, but it can also be a lengthy process.

This is something that not all people have at their disposal. Luckily, there are ways to make the job easier. HR recruitment in Croydon can help you recruit the right people more easily, but that does not mean you do not have a role to play.

Whether you have a third party recruiter or have an in-house one, it is important to learn how to improve your recruitment process.

Improve your job description

One of the reasons employers often hire someone who is not fit for the job is because their job description is too vague, or is incomplete. Putting “has computer skills” when in fact you need someone who is skilled in certain software programs will definitely make it harder for you to find the right man.

Widen your connections

Work with schools and academic institutions. Fresh graduates have good sets of skills that your company can benefit from. Join social media groups and job fairs to be able to find more potential employees.

Post in multiple places

Posting on your website is helpful. But utilising various job sites as well as newspaper ads can make your posting reach a wider audience. The more areas you cover, the more extensive your reach would be.

Pay well

Salary is a sensitive yet competitive topic. Pay more than your competitors and offer better incentives. This is one way of luring skilled workers that would not only benefit your company but would also be there to stay.

Improve background checks

Conduct thorough background checks on your shortlisted candidates before hiring them. You do not want to be entangled in any legal issues just because you failed to do this last point properly.

Recruiting can be tough if you do not know where to start. But the whole process can be a lot easier if you know how to take your first step.