Things to Consider When Choosing Your Business Signage

A business signage is a part of branding which, in turn, is important to marketing. So whatever size and industry your business is in, having a signage should be one of the top priorities for an effective strategy. But how should you choose a signage that works best for you? Here are some things you should consider when choosing a signage.


For an effective signage design, you must first establish a theme. The theme of your signage should be well thought out and should reflect your company identity. Try thinking about what you want to communicate to your target audience.

Your design also includes how the color scheme, font, and layout would tie in with the theme, while still being noticeable and attractive. The people who see your signage should be able to read and comprehend it quickly. Make sure your signage stands out too, especially if there are other similar businesses in your area.

You would also need to settle what type of signage it will be. Different types of signage (e.g. wall signs, A-frame signs, electronic signs and backlit signs) could be good for different things. For one, you might like having a pole sign if you want your sign to be visible from a distance. Depending on the type of signage you choose, you may have many options for materials, though make sure to consult with your signage supplier about this.


target audience

To have an effective branding for your business or organization, you would have to know your target audience. This is also crucial in choosing your signage. Try specifying your demographic in terms of preferences, age, location, etc. If your target audience are children or young people, for example, having a colorful signage with fun imagery might be a good idea. Your signage should resonate enough for your target audience to check out your establishment.

Since even people outside your target audience will see the signage, you might want to try determining how it will look and feel to people of various demographics as well. Consider the idea that you might want to attract everyone even if your business only focuses on one particular genre.


You must know where you will be placing your signage before you can determine its size. Location matters in the visibility of any signage. For outdoor signage, you may want to consider placing it where foot traffic is heaviest around your location or wherever it would be visible for the most number of people. Indoor signs, on the other hand, are typically visible from the entrance. Do not forget that your signage should be safe and secure in its location, and should be able to withstand all weather conditions in the area.

Most local governments may have regulations in place to govern the type and size of signage a business is allowed to use. You might be required to secure a permit or approval from authorities before you can put up your signage, so make sure to check with them first.

Before you start making or having your signage made, make sure to establish your budget first. Consider researching your options and the prices for the kind of signs first before finally choosing one since going over budget might affect your operations.